I Froze my Cherries, Now What?

Help!  My freezer if full of cherries!  What can I do with them?

If that sounds like you, don’t panic!  There are plenty of delicious ways that you can serve up those cherries that you worked hard to preserve.

Cherry SmoothieSmoothies:  There are many great smoothie recipes out there that use cherries, we have found you some of the best.

If you are in the market for a new blender for making perfect smoothies (soups, sauces, and a whole lot more)  I highly recommend investing in a Vitamix blender (this is the one I have Vitamix Professional Series 300 w/ 64 oz. Container – Onyx.)  I have had mine for 3 or 4 years now, and it gets used regularly for smoothies, as well as soups and grinding grain ( I use this dry blade container for the grain grinding – Vitamix 32oz. Dry Blade Blending Container with Recipe Book).

Slice of Cherry PiePie Filling:  This cherry pie filling that we found over at allrecipes, is simple to make and very versatile.  You can use it for pies , tarts or cobblers, but cherry pie filling is also great on top of ice cream, cheesecake or black forest cake.  The tasty treats you can make are limited only by your imagination (and the ingredients you may or may not have on hand.  🙂 )

Baking:  Frozen cherries can be used in your baking anywhere that you would use a fresh cherry.



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