An Apple Fundraiser

Bushel of ApplesWe are super excited to be launching our first ever Apple Fundraiser this week!  Heritage Christian School in Battleford will be selling 20 lb cases of 5 different kinds of BC Apples. We are offering Ambrosia, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith and Spartan Apples.

Ambrosia AppleAmbrosia Apples – 20lbs/$40

Ambrosia apples are a glossy red apple with yellow patches; they have a firm flesh, and a sweet flavour reminiscent of a pear. These apples are great eaten fresh, and retain their shape well with cooking.

Fuji AppleFuji Apples – 20lbs/$35

Fuji Apples have a red blush with yellow stripes on their skin, with a sweet flavour and firm, crisp flesh. These apples are suitable for fresh eating, freezing or baking.

Gala AppleGala Apples – 20lbs/$35

Gala apples are a crisp, juicy, very sweet apple with a yellowish background and red stripes. Galas can be added to salads or cooked, and are especially suitable for creating sauces.

Granny SmithGranny Smith – 20lbs/$35

Granny Smith Apples have a bright green skin, bright white flesh and a tart, acidic, yet subtly sweet flavour. With their firm texture, Granny Smiths have long been a favourite baking apple. Slow to brown, these apples are great diced in a salad or served fresh.

Spartan AppleSpartan Apples – 20lbs/$35

Spartan Apples have red skin and crisp, white flesh. They have a balanced sweet/tart flavour and are a great all around apple. Spartans are excellent for use in pies and baking, as well as grated or diced in savory dishes.

If you are interested in ordering some apples, you can do so through the students at HCS, or by contacting us at CJ’s Market, either by phone or by email.