CJ’s Market is committed to bringing our customers high quality fruit and vegetables.  We do this both through our online pre-order system (where you can order by the case), and through our baskets of produce sold at the stand.

Our Mission

At CJ’s Market our mission is to bring high quality fruit and vegetables straight from the farmers to you.

Our Story

When our family moved from the west coast of British Columbia to homestead on the beautiful Saskatchewan prairie, we knew that things would be different.  What we were not prepared for was how much we would miss the beautiful fresh Okanagan fruits. Knowing that we could not possibly be the only ones who longed for fresher, better foods, CJ’s Market was born.

Our Difference

CJ’s Market is different than your average supermarket.

The Supermarket Problem:  The problem with the fruit that you find in your local supermarket is that quality has been sacrificed for the sake of the supermarket’s convenience.  Produce is picked green, and then forced to endure long transport and extended storage times in various warehouses en route to your local supermarket where it continues to age waiting for someone to buy it.  The result is a fruit that low in nutritional value, and inferior in flavour.

Our Solution:  In order to maintain a high quality, flavourful and nutritional fruit, our fresh fruits  are picked ripe, come straight from the farm, and are available for pick-up immediately upon their arrival.  Sign up for our newsletter, which will keep you up to date on produce available for sale, as well as prices, order deadline, pick up time, and location details.