Our Fruit is truly tree ripened...

We just made a quick trip out to the Okanagan, and enjoyed some orchard tours with some of our growers, as well as connected with some new growers that we are excited to be working with. Finding growers who will actually let the fruit ripen on the tree is a not an easy task, but we are thrilled to have found a few more orchards that will pick the fruit just the way we like it... tree ripened and full of juicy flavour!

Mixed Baskets

Available now in our Markets...

NEW! Bartlett Pears (basket or case)
Rainier Cherries (basket only)
NEW! Glo Haven Peaches (basket or case)
NEW! Red Gold Nectarines (Basket or case)
Sunrise Apples (basket only)
NEW! Ginger Gold Apples (basket or case)
NEW! Coronation Grapes (basket or case)
Italian Prune Plums (basket or case)
Santa Rosa Plums (basket only)
Black Amber Plums (basket only)
NEW! Elephant Heart Plums (basket only)
NEW! Roma Tomatoes (basket or case)
NEW! Beefsteak Tomatoes (basket or case)
NEW! Red or Yellow Watermelon
NEW! Coloured Bell Peppers

Taber Corn (5 cobs, 11 cobs or sack)

Coming Soon...

Gala Apples
MacIntosh Apples
Honey Crisp Apples


We currently have the following cases available in the stands:
Glo Haven Peaches - 20 lb / $40
Red Gold Nectarines - 20 lb / $50
Roma Tomatoes - 20 lb / $35
Beefsteak Tomatoes - 20 lb / $35
Italian Prune Plums - 20 lb / $40
Bartlett Pears - 20 lb / $45

Taber Corm - $40/sack (4 dozen)


Our Locations

Lloydminster Stand (Canadian Tire Lot)
Monday - Friday 10-6, Saturday 11-6

Lloydminster Outdoor Farmers Market (Lloyd Cultural Centre, on Hwy 16)
Thursday 11-5, Saturday 10-2

North Battleford Stand (Splish Splash Carwash, across from Walmart)
Monday - Saturday 10-6

Territorial Drive Farmers Market (Splish Splash Carwash, across from Walmart)
Friday 4-9

*** This Saturday (Aug 25) we will be at the St Walburg Wild Blueberry Festival (instead of the Lloyd outdoor farmers market), and on top of all our awesome fruit, we will be selling FRESH HOT BUTTERED TABER CORN on the COB! Stop by our booth and say hi! ***
Thank you for your business! We look forward to another fun season of bringing you the Best from the West. If you love our fruit, please share us with your friends, or leave us a review on Facebook, or on our website. If, for any reason you are not satisfied with your products, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to make it right.

The CJ's Market Team :)
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